Evergreen Terrace LLC of Antigo

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Evergreen Terrace is a modern and affordable Class C CBRF, licensed by the State Division of Health and Family Services. We are a locally owned and operated facility including a Nursing Home Administrator with over 20 years experience in long term care, a Registered Nurse to supervise individualized health care needs, and an experienced manager to direct daily operations.

Our Facility

We understand the physical and emotional challenges of aging. We don't believe you need to give up your privacy and freedom just because you need a little assistance. You deserve a place of your own where YOU make the choices - just as you have in your home. There IS a place that offers the support you need and the independence you want - it's a place we call Evergreen Terrace.

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Our Services Include:

24-hour Professional Care with Certified Nursing Assistants to meet your personal daily living needs
Socialization & professionally structured leisure activities
Licensed staff for medication management and health monitoring
Three home cooked dietician directed meals daily
Laundry / Housekeeping
Beautician / Barber Services
Transportation assistance
Access to Community Events
Kitchen open and accessible 24 hours a day
Therapeutic whirlpool
Personal "assist call" system
Internet access for residents and families

Our Accommodations Include:

Spacious Great Room, private party and sitting rooms

Private and Semi-Private suites include living, sleeping and personal care area

Complimentary Cable

Automatic Fire Sprinklers

Security System

Courtyard includes gardens, grills and patio seating

Four Seasons Room

Whitetail Deer Farm

Private Mailboxes

Spacious aviary bringing nature indoors

Grandchildren will enjoy our play area, Nintendo and computer

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Spacious Suites of Evergreen Terrace

Our Suites, at 364 square feet, are typical of the spacious design of Evergreen Terrace. The living area provides room to relax or entertain family and friends; separate sleeping and personal care areas give you the privacy you need. you are encouraged to furnish your suite with your own familiar furnishings and photos - just as you have at home.

Evergreen Terrace, L.L.C.

715 Ackley Street

Antigo, WI 54409

Phone: 715-623-0423

Fax: 715-623-0421

Family Owned & Operated

Gary Voytovich - Administrator

Sarah Voytovich - RN - Director of Health Services

James & Mary Ellen Draeger

Email: info@evergreenterracellc.com

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